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Why vote for Cardano Pulse?

Cardano Pulse is proposal with which we applied to Catalyst Fund 11. Read everything about it below.

What is Catalyst? Project Catalyst is the world’s largest decentralized innovation engine for solving real-world challenges. At the start of each funding round, the Cardano community proposes ideas that solve challenges within the blockchain ecosystem and the wider world. The community then evaluates and votes on which technical, business, creative, and community projects will receive funding. Currently, Catalyst is in it's 11th round of funding and community is currently voting till 8th of Feb. We have applied to this round, which is our first time taking part in it.

What is our proposal - Cardano Pulse?

Cardano Pulse is going to be continuation of our effort to bring research based sentiment and behaviour data about Cardano ecosystem to the wider public.

We have previously published, in October 2023, research that we have done in a span of 14 months prior to the publishing. That research included 60+ surveys and gathered 3.5k+ answers in total, all dedicated to different aspects of Cardano NFT space. Part of it was dedicated to case-studying our own project through period of 1 year, part of it was about 46 other projects, part of it was about founders and moderators in space, and one large part was a big survey for general public. With that one, we acquired basic demographic data, sentiment, behaviour and reasoning of people for being in NFT space, for the first time researched in that way.

The main goal of Cardano Pulse is - to research general public data again and this time with an even bigger outlook, including questions about entire Cardano ecosystem. That would be: DeFi projects, major Cardano related topics and entities, wallets, platforms, marketplaces, memecoins and of course, NFTs. In essence, Cardano Pulse means:

  • creating a big survey (up to 100 questions)

  • researching people's sentiments and behaviour regarding: DeFi, major Cardano topic & entities, wallets, platforms, marketplaces, memecoins and NFTs

  • aim ~1000 answers

  • the results will be OPENLY AVAILABLE on Fork It platform (check Fork It below)

Did you know - you can see what Cardano Pulse would look like?

Our previous research is available on our Fork It platform. It is the greatest showcase of our capabilities and proof of concept for Cardano Pulse. Usually, it is open to holders of our First Thesis: On Cardano NFT Space NFT only, but in this VOTING PERIOD WE MADE IT PUBLICLY OPEN (till 8th Feb), so everyone can get the idea of how the data on Cardano Pulse will be shown.

You can also check official Fork It video walkthrough, explaining everything about previous research, so you can easily find data which interests you there.

Cardano Pulse will be freely available to the public.

What will it bring to Cardano?

We see that kind of research contributing to the growth and development of the Cardano ecosystem. How?

  • being able to share opinions and insights - backed by research for the first time

  • engage in informed and fruitful discussions

  • get idea of what are the differences between locations, age groups and gender in their reasoning about the space

  • get insights about where people get most of their information, what/who do they value

  • for Cardano entities - understand community perceptions, refine strategies, and improve offerings based on real-time insights

  • for researchers - leverage the platform as a valuable resource for comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Cardano community

  • for media - access to survey results allows media outlets and influencers to create timely and relevant content, accurate and insightful coverage, contributing to a more informed and transparent Cardano ecosystem.

More so, if this thing would become a recurrent thing happening in space (let's say every 3-6-12 months) the value of it will just grow bigger over time.

Why did we apply?

During the course of our previous research, it became clear to us that it would be great to have that research done again. First plan was to get enough funds from the sole minting of the Thesis research, but we did not meet necessary funding there. We know that interest of the community about this kind of data exists and everyone would love to see it, but they would not necessarily want to pay for it.

We decided to pivot and go to the route of Catalyst funding. It is a great cause and helps financing things exactly like this - publicly funded research. Sometimes all you need to do is - VOTE :) Thank you!

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