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Cardano Pulse: Catalyst Fund 11

We have successfully submitted our proposal for this round of Catalyst funding!

Road to proposal

In the past 16 months, we have been on journey of delivering sentiment and behaviour data to wide Cardano community. And we did it - by publishing our First Thesis: On Cardano NFT space in a form of NFT. It's also a token to give you access to our platform where you can interact with the data (you also get 81 pages long PDF file). Get your Thesis NFT to check it out. To continue delivering such research to the space, we have composed a Catalyst proposal for Catalyst Fund 11. Read the whole proposal Cardano Pulse: Researching sentiment and behaviour in the Cardano ecosystem here.

What's in there?

What we want to achieve with this proposal:

  • conduct a big general public survey in Cardano space (~1000 participants)

  • cover topics of NFTs, DeFi and many major entities in the space

  • publish the results in user-friendly way on our ForkIt platform

  • bring awareness to value of that kind of data in the space

  • all results will be publicly available for free

To show few inserts from the proposal itself, here's the proposals Value for money section:

Proposal was polished and submitted in its final form on Dec 7th 2023. In expectance of 25th of January as the date when voting will begin, we're under way of creating a marketing campaign to raise awareness of this proposals importance for wide Cardano ecosystem. Thank you, T&D

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1 Comment

Not Hooley
Not Hooley
Dec 08, 2023

Best of luck with the proposal, as "Pioneers" in the space you deserve for this to be funded.

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