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Catalyst Fund 11: Voting registration guide

"In every vote, echoes the change we bring, a chorus of progress that our ballots sing."

Do not fade your right to vote. Help bring the ideas to life. As one of the proposers in Fund 11, we want to provide you with all the needed information to help you register as voter and invite you to vote for our proposal - Cardano Pulse: Researching sentiment and behaviour in the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano Pulse - available to everyone. Currently, you can login to our platform (Fork It platform) if you are holding our Thesis NFT, which you can mint on the page itself. There you can find data from our first study - Thesis. With our proposal we want to continue building on the platform and bring out new but publicly available data about the whole Cardano ecosystem sentiment and behaviour.

cardano pulse

Project Catalyst is the world’s largest decentralized innovation engine for solving real-world challenges. At the start of each funding round, the Cardano community proposes ideas that solve challenges within the blockchain ecosystem and the wider world. The community then evaluates and votes on which technical, business, creative, and community projects will receive funding.

VOTING REGISTRATION PROCESS In this article, we will go through the process of voting registration, point out important documents that you can read to know more and direct you to useful websites.

2 important timeline points:

  • Voter registration deadline Jan 15th, 2024· 21:45 UTC

  • Fund11 voting begins Jan 25th, 2024· 11:00 UTC (to Feb 8th, 11:00 UTC)

Who is eligible to vote?

Every Cardano ADA holder who at the time of registration deadline (15th Jan 2024):

  • holds at least 500 ADA in their wallet

  • is staking to a Cardano stake pool

  • has registered for voting (no late registration possible)

So, how to register for voting?


  1. Wallet (remember: save both QR code and PIN)

  • Start the process by opening wallet of your choice (list of supported wallets)

  • Find the Vote/Voting tab in there. Read the content. Click Next.

  • It will prompt you to download the Catalyst App on your mobile device (app is mobile only). You can do that immediately now or after finishing all the steps in wallet itself. Find app links here for Android and IOS or scan the QR codes wallet will offer to you (if you don't have Google account you can download .apk file to install the app on your device, find info about it here in question 17). Click Next.

  • Create a Pin which you will use when voting also (DON'T LOSE IT!). Click Next.

  • Create a transaction to connect your voting key to your wallet (Note: There is a registration fee of 0.17 - 0.18 ADA). Click Register and sign transaction.

  • You will be getting a QR code after the transaction is signed (SAVE IT AS WELL! You need both QR code and PIN to connect to app and vote)

2. Catalyst Voting App

  • When you have downloaded the app, come to this screen and click CONNECT WALLET (you can connect the wallet after you have created the transaction above)

  • On next screen choose option: "Use voting QR code and PIN" option


  • You will be getting a message like this:

  • On your home screen you should now see this:

Your registration should be done now! What you still need to make sure is that you have at least 500 ADA (excluding rewards) and your ADA staked at time of the snapshot! Snapshot is happening on 15th of January 2024, be ready.


  • be sure to have at least 500 ADA in your wallet at snapshot time (excluding rewards)

  • be sure that your wallet is staked

  • check if your wallet was succesfully registered (and your voting power) on this website: (still not working for Fund 11, but possibly it will - we will update when we find out)


  • How much rewards will I receive for voting? Check document here.

  • Project Catalyst and voting FAQ

  • Catalyst registration and voting guide

  • Fund 11 knowledge base

When the voting period starts we will create a Voting guide to make sure everyone can do it correctly.

If you have any more questions, please contact us in our discord, as we will try to find all the answers for you.

Thank you, Matea & Marina

Thesis & Dysmorphia website -

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