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Our come team is made up of two women.

Wider team

The story of


When we started T&D project, we started it as completely undoxxed team.


What it meant:

  • we created new aliases for ourselves to use in discord (we previously had friends in spaces who knew us as Matea & Marina)

  • we never told anyone our real name, country of origin, professions, or have shown any of the "revealing" images from real-life

  • it all lasted for a period of one year (bit longer), until the research was finished (until last survey was closed)

Why was it necessary?

  • To be able to research the "question of undoxxed founders" and people's trust towards us we believed it's necesarry that we are truly undoxxed

  • We believed it's necessary that old friends from space do not recognise that it is us, Matea & Marina, because it would give them more trust in us (we wanted to earn trust solely by delivering in T&D)

  • Read past blog post about this topic

After doxxing

  • we could finally doxx to our community in September 2023 and it was a big relief to us, we didn't need to think any more what we can/cannot say

  • the relief can clearly be seen in the way in which we have done it: there is a whole channel in our discord dedicated to completely "overdoxxing" almost every aspect of our lives. Find it: #overdoxxing

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