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Community roundtables

Quick announcement of a new initiative with which we're gonna start soon. As you may know till now, our Catalyst proposal Cardano Pulse: Researching sentiment and behaviour in Cardano ecosystem was not funded in Fund 11. We thank everyone who voted for us and we are looking forward to applying to next Fund when the time comes! Going forward we want to continue with research in any way/opportunity/idea we find possible. That, of course, includes new Catalyst rounds which could fund that research, that includes collaborations with entities which order research for themselves, and it also includes our self-funded research when it shows to be possible for us again.

With that being said, we are introducing Community roundtables, which are soon to be held in our discord. It will be recurring event at which we want to:  

  • keep you up to date with happenings

  • talk about our research ideas

  • brainstorm about new research

  • listen to what you’d love to know about Cardano ecosystem in more depth

  • & more

Soon we will announce when the first community roundtable will take place!

Cheers Lab!

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