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Thesis & Dysmorphia History

Learn more about idea and motivation behind the project, where did the name come from, what are our NFTs, how do we engage with community and much more.


Deeper dive


Why Thesis, Why Dysmorphia

Thesis came forth as a logical name of the research part of the project. One of the founders (Matea/Thesis) was writing her thesis for PhD in physiology when the idea to research Cardano NFT space came to mind - thus, Thesis was what it was.
Dysmorphia name emerged while founder Marina (Dysmorphia) was painting on canvas on one spring afternoon. What she painted resembled a character with a bit "dysmorphic" attributes. Matea came by and saw it and immediately said: "it looks like an NFT". In further talks, they kept talking about "dysmorphia" as seen in that character, and connected it to a real-life phenomenon of snapchat dysmorphia which is more & more of a problem and mental health issue in today's world. People would "filter themselves" using different snapchat filters and showed that image to plastic surgeons as an example what would they like to look like. Founders thought it might be interesting to create NFT characters who have taken the outlook of their favourite NFT traits in the space. It served them as thought experiment of: how would the world look like if in the future people would really love to look like their NFTs. Thus, Dysmorphia was born.

Needles to say, both founders took nicknames for themselves based on the parts of the projects they were mainly in duty of.



Motivated by our own involvement in the Cardano NFT space, desire to learn more about people's motivation to be part of it and love for research.

Research Themes

Topics which sparked our interest

Ground idea was the case-study idea:

  • create our own project (by all the rules one NFT project was created by) but at the same time closely research every aspect of it including surveying  members about it.

Following idea was to research the wider Cardano NFT space outside of our own project:

  • thus we researched 46 other projects, founders, moderators and general Cardano NFT space.

Questions of interest in all those areas were (examples):

  • demographics

  • longevity of early followers

  • sentiments towards Cardano

  • experiences in space

  • importance of doxxing

  • importance of hype

  • importance of community

  • opinions towards founders/moderators

  • and much more

Blank Notebook

Dysmorphia NFTs

Dysmorphia was created as a much needed part of the project - a real NFT project, to have grounds to follow members' sentiments and behaviours towards it. Dysmorphia NFTs were part of the experiment and research for Thesis and each holder supported us immensely by holding them.

Dysmorphia Art

Dysmorphia Timeline

Dysmorphia Collections

Why use AI generated art

Important dates (some research important dates in italics)


As the whole background theme of the project screams: experiment, the usage of AI to generate the NFTs was a logical move. AI tools were just growing in their popularity at that time (Summer '22) and Marina kept learning more and more how to use Midjourney AI image generator. AI proved to be the best option to create all the characters that Marina had in her mind. Also, the sole fact that art was created by AI, did raise discussions in space at that time - and as such it was a topic to be used in research too. 

Thesis & Dysmorphia - Dysmorphia

Main collection under Dysmorphia umbrella. Finalised with 1500 NFTs, grouped into 4 Houses, each House into 3 Families and each Family into 3 Branches. Read more here.

Thesis & Dysmorphia - Dysmorphia Saved

Collection of 55 NFTs which preserved the looks of - how all of Dysmorphia main collection looked at first. The decision made in our Lab Paper (after the first mint) was: update the looks of all Dysmorphia NFTs for the upcoming second mint but leave the possibility for 55 NFTs to stay as they are and be created as separate memorabillia collection. Community members had the right to chose some of theirs NFTs to stay saved, on holding based privileges.

  • 08/23/22 Twitter creation

  • 09/21/22 Website publishing

  • 10/09/22 Discord opening for OGs/WLs

  • 10/16/22 First survey

  • 10/31/22 Public Discord opening

  • 12/19/22 First Dysmorphia mint

  • 02/22/23 Lab Paper (changes to supply)

  • 06/01/23 Collaborating projects announced

  • 06/12/23 Collaborating surveys started

  • 06/26/23 Dysmorphia Saved announced

  • 07/30/23 Second Dysmorphia mint

thesis pfp no backg.png
dysmo new pfp transparent.png

There is additional timeline on our Fork It platform
and also on our Research page here.

Dysmorphia NFTs


The project came into existence and is existing till this day because there is community of people around it. You are invited to join us in our Discord server.

Below you can find selection of our past and ongoing activities, many of which are our original creations.

Letting the images speak for themselves.



Our merchandise serves as a way to say thank you to our supporters and holders. All items have been or will be WON by luck or in competition.


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