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We have 4 new Catalyst proposals!

Hello Cardano world! With new Project Catalyst round - come new opportunities, and we are here to grab them! Fund 12 has just started and proposal submissions deadline is already here.

We have written 4 different proposals this time, each of them interesting and engaging in it's own way. To keep you informed, here is a little recap of all of them and a link to full text of each.

We will be reminding you to register for voting very soon and of course to vote for us when the time comes.

Vision: Cardano wide research of sentiment and behaviour of people in the ecosystem.

How would we do it: conduct large survey with approx. 1000 participants, questioning them all about DeFi, NFTs, memes, important Cardano/crypto topics, main entities, influencers and much more

Publishing: results would be published on newly built Cardano Pulse platform (similar to our proof of concept platform Fork It)

Vision: Survey tech-curious students unfamiliar with Cardano but drawn to innovation & sustainability. Show Cardano's distinctions & philosophies, expand ecosystem through promotion, education and data.

How would we do it: The problem at hand is the lack of awareness among individuals outside the Cardano ecosystem regarding its distinguishing factors. We aim to tackle this issue by promoting the key differences of Cardano in the survey and by targeting tech-curious students at universities and studies that have a strong focus on innovation, technology, and sustainability.

Publishing: Outputs will be shared within the Cardano community through various channels, social media platforms, and video presentation. Additionally, a detailed report summarizing the survey findings, insights gained, and proposed action points will be made available to everyone within the Cardano ecosystem, ensuring transparency and facilitating collaborative decision-making.

This proposal we applied together with Jon Kravetz, founder of CSWAP.

Vision: conduct initial research regarding currently proposed models of decentralized science, deliver a working abstract of how it could be done on Cardano and propose solutions for outlined problems.

Scientific problems we have noticed: bias, expensive pay-walls, no incentive for peer reviewers, “publish or perish” atmosphere which lowers the quality of scientific careers, cherry picking of information etc. The starting point to solving all of those problems is leveraging decentralised blockchain technology for scientific publishing systems.

Final product: with our research and working abstract, we will propose a solution to above defined problems. We believe the extended UTXO model and Cardano's research backed technology make Cardano a great partner for the Global academic community.

4. Cardano City Challenge: Croatia MeetUp (whispering: I'm really excited about this one)

Vision: Organize a Cardano City Challenge + MeetUp, where participants with no prior blockchain knowledge will be seamlessly onboarded. Different Cardano projects will be presented in the MeetUp venue.

Event overview:

  • 1-day-event in city of Kutina, Croatia

  • Newly built venue for such purposes will be rented out

  • Venue will be used as start/finish point for the City Challenge

  • Booths for projects and presentation stage

  • Up to 50 teams of 2-4 people competing in Challenge (general public) for free, using Cardano Beam app

Check full link for all the details, milestones and much more!

Product: Organizing an event of such quality - combining general public and crypto audience, and merging them into one, is the way to go. The line between lay public and crypto audience should be fading more and more as time passes and we see a great opportunity in organizing something like this to do just that.

One of my IRL passions is definitely organization of such events. Together with my sister Tena, I guess we have some 40 years of experience in that :)

Cheers fam, Hear you soon, Matea & Marina

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