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9 Important things you need to know...

Dysmo about Dysmorphia: 9 Important Things You Need to Know About the Dysmorphia Collection

Hello, my name is Dysmo, one of the founders of the Dysmorphia & Thesis project. Today, I'll guide you through 9 essential things you need to know about the mesmerizing Dysmorphia collection.

1. Origin and Real-life Inspiration: Snapchat Dysmorphia is a real-life phenomena and term that originated from the need to heavily edit one's digital image, inspired by popular filters and beautification tools on social media platforms. In extreme cases, individuals may even seek out cosmetic procedures to replicate their filtered appearances in real life.

Just like Snapchat and other apps filters offered an alluring way to alter one's appearance, NFTs now present an opportunity for individuals to stand out and express their individuality through distinctive profile pictures. The desire to be recogniesd, admired, and remembered in a crowded digital space fuels the appeal of using NFTs as personal avatars.

What if the trend of using NFTs as profile pictures might lead to a fascinating similar phenomenon where digital identity is shaped by NFT avatars?

Can you imagine a future where people seek cosmetic enhancements to resemble their favorite NFT characters? Black Mirrorish much?

Our Dysmorphia collection is drawing a parallel between the real-life phenomenon of "Snapchat Dysmorphia" and the growing trend of using NFTs as profile pictures in the digital realm. But rather than using traditional filters or surgical procedures, we're using AI technology to show you how this world could look like.

2. Utility & Scientific Study: Despite its interesting story, Dysmorphia is not just an NFT collection because serves as the subject of a comprehensive one-year scientific study (Thesis) set to be published in a form of an NFT upon completion, in September 2023. Read more about the study in our Lab Paper.

3. AI Creation: Dysmorphia Characters were meticulously crafted using AI technology. We chose AI for its creative potential and uniqueness, despite the controversy surrounding its usage. In the end, AI proved to be the best tool for crafting the Dysmorphia collection. Tools are great if you don’t use them for shitty things. Read more about our opinions of AI here.

4. A Unique World of Dysmorphia Characters: We aimed to make each character unique, reflecting the diversity found in the real world. This creates a captivating X factor, bringing subjectivity into play for holders, sellers, and buyers when evaluating character values: Each character in the collection embodies unique traits found in other NFTs across the Cardano blockchain, adding an enchanting twist through the use of AI technology. Characters may vary in their resemblance to humans and their specific features. The trait Level of Dysmorphia reflects this, with some looking more like human beings and others resembling specific entities.

5. House and Family Structure: The 1500 characters are divided into 4 houses: House of Korpo, Reago, Besto and Frukto. The names are taken from the Esperanto, artificial language constructed in 1887. The meaning behind the names is: Korpo- Body, Reago - Reactions, Besto- Animals, Frukto - Fruits.

The houses are further divided into 3 families, resulting in a total of 12 families with 125 members each. The family names are also taken from Esperanto language. The most special specimens are called Mix Breeds - which are mixed between 2 different families.

6. Merch connected with Traits: Traits like hoodie, headphones, chef, hat, Bitcoin, Ada and more are randomly distributed, adding playful uniqueness to each character. But(!) collecting them brings you the opportunity to participate in giveaways related to our unique limited edition merch collections. 7 Hoodies were delivered throughout the world already, and next items which are announced are: Headphones and Chef (whatever it will mean) :)

7. Exclusive Pricing Benefits: By owning a Dysmorphia NFT, you gain exclusive benefits. When minting the main Thesis study collection in September 2023, Dysmorphia NFT holders will receive substantial pricing advantages.

8. A Supportive Community: Dysmorphia has already built a strong and supportive community, embracing the innovative study and artistic vision behind the collection. The goal is to expand this community, fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of Dysmo's creative pursuit.

9. Be Part of the Journey: The Dysmorphia collection is a testament to the possibilities of NFTs, where art, science, and technology converge to create a captivating experience. So, embark on this extraordinary journey together with us, explore the Houses and Families, select your favorites, and join us on this transformative adventure with Dysmorphia Characters to our final goal, Thesis the study!

Thank you for your time, love from Dysmo to all of you ❤️

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