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First study on sentiment and behaviour

of Cardano NFT space

Get your access on Fork It.


What's in it?

- PDF file of the study itself (80-ish pages)

- Study Cover Arts created by 12 artists from space (+ few more surprises) so there'll be collectible note to the NFT itself
- Study has been peer-reviewed by Cardano Whale
- Each NFT serves as token to grant access to:

FORK IT - research and knowledge platform for Cardano Space where you can:
- read Thesis study by visually comparing the charts and data
- get insights about space sentiment on regular basis
- have immediate access to future research
- join future research by answering to our surveys
- order research for you or your project

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Our mission is to conduct a comprehensive one-year scientific study on the CNFT space, examining the sentiment and behavior of the community and projects. Our aim is to provide valuable insights into the rapidly evolving NFT ecosystem, helping to shape its future direction and providing a historical record/snapshot of the early stages of CNFT adoption.


published on 22nd March


Our vision is to publish the first-ever scientific study on the CNFT space in the form of an NFT. By leveraging the technology that has sparked a global revolution in digital ownership, we aim to push the boundaries of traditional publishing and make our research accessible in an innovative way. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the development and growth of the NFT space and provide a tangible representation of the value of scientific research in the digital world.

Ultimately, our goals are:

- inform and bring knowledge to community, industry experts and enthusiasts

- inspire further research and innovation in the CNFT space

- foster greater understanding and appreciation of the transformative power of NFTs

- establish historical value

let's go

Even though our initial plan (which was promised to our community when starting) was that we will "only" do this one study for a year, and that's it... we are now having plans to go strongly further ahead.

Read more about how the fact that we stated we are "only here for a year" influence our study (or it didn't?) in the Thesis study.

Future plans coming soon - and they surely include Fork It.

join the story

learn more:

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About us

about us

Thesis & Dysmorphia is a women duo coming from Europe. By incorporating their IRL scientific and psychological skills with CNFT knowledge they have, they want to create something meaningful to leave behind themselves.

First, Thesis wanted to create an art NFT project consisting just of "smart words" which are often used in scientific papers. But, she was no artist and luckily she didn't go further with it. Though, together with Dysmo, she came up with an idea of how to produce a scientific study in CNFT space, because they both had interest in knowing more about psychology and sociology of human behaviour in here. Thus, Thesis's scientific thirst would be quenched. 

Dysmo, on the other hand, was just having a bit of fun around that time - trying to paint some "dysmorphic creatures" on canvas. Thesis saw that and said: "This would make for good NFTs". Since it was also not an option that Dysmo would create all the NFTs herself, she's not an artist, the AI tools have come just around the best time. Dysmo started playing with them and created her Dysmorphic creatures with AI.

With it, the story was set to start - Thesis & Dysmorphia had the purpose they wanted to fulfil - produce the study, and they also had the NFTs to get the story going.


Full story of Thesis & Dysmorphia (Matea & Marina) backgrounds is currently being unravelled in discord with daily posts about

their life. To be updated on the webpage soon.




What is this all about?
T&D project is a one year long research of the CNFT space. We're investigating our own project and also collaborating with others to get a comprehensive snapshot of the space at this moment. 

Where do I learn more about the study?

On Fork It platform, where you can mint it, read it, login to platform and interact with the study by checking all its data.

How to support the study?
One obvious way is - by minting it. Read more here. Join our discord and community activities, we're always glad to have genuine talks and meet our community members. Having a lively community is of utter importance to keep the fire on.

What are my benefits as a holder?

Every Thesis holder, alongside study PDF is getting access to our platform - FORK IT.

How to join our community?
Join our discord & twitter. Come say !gm and tryout our Brain Bot! Be sure to check all of our past community activities in our Portfolio.

How to collaborate?

Interested in collaborations with us, open ticket in our discord, fill out the contact formor send us email to:

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