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Fork It Brain

Fork It

Fork It is our platform where we published first research on Cardano NFT space. 

Cardano Pulse

Cardano Pulse is the future product, which we are developing depending on the success of our proposal in Catalyst Fund 11.

It will be the continuation of Fork It platform, openly offering sentiment and behaviour data to wider public.



What is this all about?

T&D started as a 1 year long project to research the Cardano NFT space. That research was successfully delivered. Currently, project is in phase of acquiring funds to continue with further research.

What is Fork It?

Fork It is our platform built exclusively to showcase the results of our first research, which we produced in a 1 year span from August 2022-August 2023. The research was minted in a form of NFT called: First Thesis: On Cardano NFT space. The NFT included a PDF file with 81 pages of research and is also connected to Fork It platform sending you to different charts/data on it. On platform, you can see the results in visually appealing way and search/compare data which interests you the most.

What are our NFTs?

Our latest NFT is the above mentioned First Thesis, which is the research itself. Our previous main NFT collection was Dysmorphia, which was the collection around which the project was built and research conducted. There is also a memorabilia collection called Dysmorphia Saved. Read more about all of them in History and Research.

Is the team doxxed?

The team is fully doxxed. Though, our story explicitly started as an undoxxed team - trying to research the sentiment about the question of doxxing in the Cardano space. Meet the team.


Research in Cardano ecosystem based on sentiment and behaviour data.

How we started

Project was founded in August 2022, starting as an NFT project.


Behind the scenes of building Thesis & Dysmorphia.

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Open Books

Where the best to start learning more?

past mission

Our first mission was to conduct a comprehensive one-year scientific study on the Cardano NFT space, examining the sentiment and behaviour of the community and projects, providing a historical record/snapshot of the early stages of Cardano NFT adoption.



Imagining new research.


Our GRAND vision

Decentralised Science.

What do we mean?

Soon >
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