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To invited project leaders

participation in the study

There are many different projects around here, with different goals and different audiences, and by participating in the study, your project will contribute to the broader understanding of the CNFT space and its intricacies. We recognised you as a key factor in early CNFT scene by paving the way for innovation and experimentation, and setting the foundation for what the space is today.  You were chosen because we think you are a positive example of building in community. This study will provide ways for people to better understand crypto space, to recognise real value and invest in real builders. Ultimately, we want to build a more educated community and you can help with that. 

Most importantly for us as the researchers, by having data from our project (Dysmorphia) which is being followed in depth for a period of one year, and by then being able to compare it to a set of data from a range of different projects across the space, we believe that we can derive some important conclusions. Questions of interest would be: what is important in building a project, why are people investing, why are people holding, why are people selling, what makes people trust in a project etc. 


research of

our own



research of

other projects

in space




CNFT space

Why is it important for the community that your project is a part of the study?

What would we ask from you?

In the agreed period (sometime from now till July of 2023), basic technicalities we would need from you are:
- your permission to include your project in the study (will come in a form of consent form)

- you posting links for the surveys in your discord
- additionally you can have more benefits coming from us if you choose to - check below

We would provide the content/texts/links (which you check before posting).



research of

topics of public


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How many surveys will there be?

What will the surveys look like?

There will be 3+ surveys which we'd like to get from collaboration with a project. 3 basic surveys are:
1. Holders sentiment and behaviour survey the survey about your project specifically, people's thoughts and sentiments
2. General public sentiment and behaviour survey the survey about the space in general, people's experiences and thoughts

3. Founder sentiments and experiencethe survey which you as founders are filling out, your thoughts about building a project and about space, and some technical details about the project

How can you use the data?

Find example questions from the surveys on this link. Before launching any of the surveys to your community, you will have the pre-access to see all the questions asked.

When the study is finished, besides everything that will be officially published and compared to other projects, you will get all the data regarding your project as detailed as possible. As a project included in our study, you will have insights gathered from our research that can be used by your project for further development and growth strategies. This data can help you better understand the sentiment and behaviour of the CNFT community, which can help improve communication and engagement with your audience.

Data from all the customised questions mentioned above you will get immediately. 

Will we collect any additional data for the study?

Yes, besides surveys, we will be analysing market data and data available from the blockchain itself. That way we'll try to compare the information we will get from the surveys with "real" data of people's behaviour in the markets. More details on this subject will be explained in the future.

technical details

Can you add questions to the surveys?

Yes, if you want to. Besides questions that we are including in the surveys which are needed for the study, you have the option to add customised questions to it, which are solely for your interest. That way you'll receive personalised feedback on your project, and how you can improve and grow in the future. This part would be created exclusively for you and will not be part of the study, but solely yours to use as you prefer.

Important: All surveys are anonymous and we are not collecting names nor IP addresses of people filling them out, we have a system for checking who filled the survey so a person can have benefits which come with it.

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Main benefits:
1. Your project is a part of historical record of the early stages of CNFT adoption
2. Increased exposure and recognition that comes with being a part of a comprehensive scientific study
3. Detailed insights into the sentiment and behaviour of the CNFT community as a whole and an idea of where your project fits in the bigger picture

4. Based on additional questions in surveys, personalised feedback on your project

Additional activities and benefits (non obligatory):
1. Hosting of "So you think you can Alpha Pub Quiz"  about CNFT space in your discord - fun and interactive way of engaging with communities.
2. Inviting you to our twitter spaces: "Naked Spaces" , "Not Your Ordinary Bro"
3. Inviting you to our "Science Days" Roundtables (twitter space) - where we will discuss some of the findings from the study which will be available to public before the study is published.

4. Every participant to the study will be in a raffle/game for our Study dedicated merchandise - check some of our merch.
5. Whitelist spots for you as the founders for the Thesis mint (the study) (~2 per project)
6. Whitelist spots
for your community for the Thesis mint (the study) (spots served as mentioned above, as an incentive to fill out the surveys

What are the benefits for your project?

How to incentivize members to fill the surveys out?

- for every survey your community is filling out ("Holders" & "General public") - we provide a WL spot for our Thesis mint by a raffle. 
- in the same way, if you have the means to, you could raffle something (NFT, WL, game entry, role) to those same members, who in that way are in 2 raffles for filling out 1 survey. This would be greatly appreciated from our side, since it will surely incentivise more members to fill out the surveys, which in the end is the main goal of the whole research
- we're preparing other strong benefits for your project coming from our side, outlined below


more benefits
outlook example.png

We look forward to working with you and to seeing the impact that we can make together. Please book a call with us to talk, ask and agree about the collaboration. For complete information about us, read our Lab Paper.



please, do read the whole text eventually.

1. Let’s establish a collaboration between our projects

2. Your community members will fill out various surveys for us

3. We will organize activities for your community

4. You will have the opportunity to join our twitter spaces

5. You and your community will get whitelists for our Thesis mint
6. We will provide additional data about your project as requested

7. We will provide you with detailed data about your project once the research is finished

8. Your project is a part of the historical study of CNFT space

final word


published on 22nd March

outlook example.png

30-minute discord call at time which suits you to talk about collaboration. Here.


if e-mail suits you better, feel free to write to:


contact us at our discord, open ticket or

send DM to: 

contact us at our twitter.

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