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Science Days is an event happening throughout the day, comprised of different scientifically related activities. Those will be quizes, talks, articles, and as a main event - Twitter Space with notable guest, expert in a field of interest that day. 




Continuously, we wanted to create most of our activities ourselves, be it bigger quizzes or smaller games. Thus, all of the above games were created and are regularly played in our community.


related activities

At current project phase, to get our merchandise is only possible by being our holder and - mostly, by playing and winning certain merch related activities. All those merch items, would be of historical significance, and will not be possible to be acquired by buying. First merch to come are Hoodies.


  • The project, and therefore the study, will last for one year, with approximate end in September 2023

  • As of now there is no planned activities for after that period

  • In the timeline of the project itself there will be a so called “Silent phase” in which there will be no social activity from the founders

  • Because of the nature of the study, the founders will stay undoxxed throughout the study/project, you can read full article about it here

  • This information is publicly known on official channels (website, twitter, discord)


What are those doors?

Three doors, representing three groups of interest in the study - OG-EG, WL-EG and public. Exact mechanics of how are things researched are undisclosed due to possible interference with the study.

What do the terms OG-EG and WL-EG stand for?

Those are the experimental groups. OG-experimental group and WL-experimental group.

So, this is a scientific study?

Yes, the NFT project serves as a basis for gathering people in CNFT space, ask them things and observe movements, momentums and sentiments that prevail. With that observations - a publication in a form of NFT, based in scientific principles, will be delivered. 

Why do you need an NFT project for a study?

The study is financed through the NFT project, and the NFT project is the study itself at the same time. Though it might sound like a bias, what must be understood is that the data for the study will indeed be available for the sole reason that the project exists. That leads to the natural conclusion that the making of the project and inspecting it the way it will be done, is the only way it could have been done. We need the people motivated in some way to give us answers/data. Any data that derives from it will serve its purpose, whatever it might be stating.

Is the study preregistered?

The study is not a preregistered study, due to the fact that founders first want to publish it in form of mintable NFT, which than is not in agreement with terms by which it's possible to publish "new science" in a scientific journal.

So, you will mint the study as an NFT?

Yes, it will be the last part of this project/study. That NFT as such could be first of it's kind and possibly open new doors for the scientific community in general.


What exactly is this study studying?

The study aims to gather information about CNFT space through the example of this project, thus it is a hypothesis-generating study.  We want to quantify the numbers/behavior of community and put them all together at one place. Some major questions of interest are listed below:

  • Catalyst events and its reflection on social engagement numbers and secondary markets
  • Influencers on fears/confidence of the community

  • Dependance of fears/confidence on flip/hold ratios

  • Influencers on long-lastingness of the early supporters

  • Fud possibilities and its effects

How are you gathering the information?

Basically through polls and surveys with following the social/market numbers. We are having groups of people divided in two experimental groups and public in general who will take the mentioned polls/surveys. Answers will be pooled and published in aggregate form.

Any limitations to the study?

The one limitation lies in the fact that if the project fails to deliver, the study will be hard/impossible to deliver. The other limitation is the number of regular answers to our polls that we will be getting from our OGs/WLs. Though, the sole fact of how much of those answers we will be getting is data which is important for the study.

Thanks for submitting!



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