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the idea

Thesis & Dysmorphia came up with idea of combining NFTs & science in an intriguing way - use an actual NFT project to analyse people's sentiment and behavior in CNFT space. 
Our own NFT project (Dysmorphia) is main object of study throughout the whole one year research period, while other NFT projects are being added in 2nd Phase of the study. 


check more details in our Lab Paper

questions of interest

Demographic structure of the space

Is doxxing important?

What is important for success of a project?

What makes people hold?

Is this all a game of money and hype?

How many rugs have members experienced?

Knowing more about moderators in space?

Knowing more about founders in space?

and many more..

the how

1st phase

Build a CNFT project.
Collect data during 1 year through:

- recurring member surveys about their sentiment

- watching twitter & discord numbers movements related to catalyst events

- market analysis

✔️ OG-EG & WL-EG groups formed in Sep/Oct '22

✔️ Surveys started on 16th October '22
 11 surveys conducted till 2nd Phase
 Discord and Twitter analysis running
 Wallet behavior analysis in development

2nd phase

Continue with everything from 1st phase.

Collect more data of general interest: 

- being a moderator in space

- being a founder in space

- general outlook of people in space

Follow up from other CNFT projects:

- project specific sentiments through whole array of different CNFT projects

the wen

The final product - "Thesis" study will be published in a form of NFT in October 2023. The supporting Dysmo NFTs are already available - read here.

past reports

Read all past reports from our "Brain Fork" blog, which publish fragments of data being collected through our research.


check more details in our Lab Paper


  • The study will last for one year with approximate end in September 2023

  • Future plans will soon be announced

  • Because of the nature of the study, the founders will stay undoxxed throughout the study/project, you can read full article about it here (doxxing period has officialy started on 11th Sep)

  • This information is publicly known on official channels

  • For everything happening in the project, it's possible to be a part of the study

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