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This question arises from time to time, and will surely arise through the whole period of one year pretty regularly.


Why not doxx when doxxing is such an important thing to do nowadays?

Actually, we already have two small data sets about the importance of Doxxing.

The first one was our twitter poll (16th Oct) in which we questioned general public “Can a project be successful even if the founders are not doxxed?” 49.2% of people said "Yes" that a project can be successful even if the founders are not doxxed. Another 25% of people thinks "Maybe", and another 25% declaratively thinks "No".

We must say, we were a bit surprised with those results and surely didn’t think that majority of people would actually think that doxxing is not that important.

The second data set we have is the most recent Sentiment survey we’ve had just last week, in which members of our 4 groups (OG-EG, WL-EG, discord public and twitter public) were questioned – “Founders of T&D stated they will stay undoxxed for the whole duration of the project. How do you feel about that?” The answers we got were ranging from 47.06% to 53.33% (undisclosed which group said what) in favor of the answer “I’m okay with that!”. We could say that around 50% of members is okay with that.

We know that a project can become successful even if founders are not doxxed. It can lift off, you can be part of the project, buy their NFTs, sell their NFTs, and be very little concerned about who the founders are. But the question remains: for how long?

I do believe that for a really long-term successful story – doxxing becomes a norm, for the sole reason that long-term – it is actually like building a company.

But, for the start of an NFT project in this space, it seems that people agree that doxxing is not crucial for success.


So – what’s up with us, why not doxxed for a year?

First & foremost – because we’re conducting a study. As long as the study is on, we will stay undoxxed.

The study is questioning people’s sentiment about our project. Thing that we didn’t want to influence people’s sentiment from the start was – people knowing who we are/our friends being subjective about the project when giving their opinions. Also, we believe that if the project is built from ground up, completely organically, with pure “quality of the project” being the major deciding factor in people’s sentiment – we get a “cleaner” study in general.

That way – every change in sentiment is happening because of things related to the project itself, and not because someone (us) said so. Every community opinion will be acquired because they genuinely felt it by interacting with the project (and founders as Thesis & Dysmorphia) with no prejudices of “who they are”.

Though, we are completely aware that when conducting a study like this – there are so many factors that influence things, and we cannot ever say that we’ve taken all the possible scenarios into account. There are so many different ways to build a project. Some projects are build with founders being doxxed, and it probably is a plus in itself – but with us, trying to find as clear of a sentiment as possible – we believe that it’s better to do it undoxxed.

Secondly – since the “doxxing” issue is a real thing in space, and some people really appreciate when founders are doxxed – us staying undoxxed means a possibility of introducing another meaningful catalytic event of a sort. For that event to happen successfully, being undoxxed is an important factor.

Thirdly – being undoxxed brought with itself many challenges – which are hard, fun and interesting to overcome. Everyday we are dealing with new challenges of – what can or cannot we say and it brings a whole other spectrum to the whole thing. We cannot ask our friends to like, follow, retweet, join discord, we cannot have anyone trust in our project just by telling them Hey, it’s us. Though, the more it goes on like this, the more we are sure that this way we can build even bigger thing than with simply being doxxed.


And, what after the study has passed?

The results will show.

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