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You've heard those 2 words in last weeks, you've seen some images, you've heard something about the Study being conducted, but still have no idea what's this all about?

Let's dive deep while keeping it short.

Thesis & Dysmorphia is a project launching an NFT collection, while creating first scientific study about CNFT space in the background. The study part is called Thesis.


NFT space in general, is an emerging area where early development of all the possibilities which blockchain technology will be offering in the future - is being showcased by buying and selling JPG pictures. We forget not that there are other forms of NFTs, like songs, videos, books, items connected to IRL objects, etc., but surely the largest portion of NFT markets nowadays is taken with everything JPG related. And that is what Thesis & Dysmorphia are focused on.

By purely being in CNFT space, as an investor, art collector, gamer, speculator, or just "degen", as often people call themselves here, you start learning things about market movements and people's sentiment. More than that, you might start to learn about yourself, and your own "strengths and weaknesses". Do you easily fall for FOMO and FUD?

Do you do your own research?

Do you hold an asset long or do you flip it?

What does it depend on for you? All of that is, in our own opinion, a pretty interesting thing to research, both from psychological and sociological side.

We're aiming to do exactly that - get valuable data, from people's answers to sentiment based questions and from market data following our own CNFT collection - called Dysmorphia. Next time you see our survey link being published on twitter/discord - you know that by filling it out (anonymously) you're helping the study succeed.


Dysmorphia is a collection of 3000 NFTs, created with AI art, themed as Profile picture collection of "Dysmorphic humans".

Every human is a member of certain House - Besto, Frukto, Reago and Korpo. Houses have gotten their name from Esperanto, artificial language which we found fits well to be used in our artificial intelligence generated art collection. Each human in collection has become more or less dysmorphic, taken some characteristics like colored skin, no skin, having no eyes or only one eye, or some of the "famous NFT traits" such as crown, laser eyes and duck beak.

In itself, Dysmorphia collection is also an exploration of everything we know "works well" in CNFT space, and actually measuring how will it go on markets. All the data coming from markets is also gonna be used in our final product, the study.


In the end, complete story of Thesis & Dysmorphia is a story of complementing each other in aim of creating something meaningful and of high quality.

Thesis part is possible because Dysmorphia exists, that way Thesis has it's object of the study. Also at the same time Dysmorphia is, by it's existence, financing Thesis.

Match made in heaven.

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