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Study is coming.

We're in the midst of analysis of data for the biggest CNFT study this place have ever seen. I want to bring more awareness of what we're doing and what kind of data we will be presenting. First though, for a quick recap of our project, continue reading. Or just skip to the future part.

When it all started?

We've been here for a year now, namely - we've been on twitter for a year now. We consider 23rd August 2022 the date of T&D inception. It all started then, with gathering twitter followers, from ground up. Remember - we started as complete unknowns, and, for the scientific reasons - couldn't come to any of our earlier friends from space and say "hey, that's us, go shill our project". So, through thick and thin we started getting our name out there. And boy, are we proud with where we are now!

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One of the first Twitter posts mentioning that we are creating OG-Experimental group

What did we do in past year?

Study and fun. We collected any data that we could about our own project - Thesis & Dysmorphia. That includes - measuring sentiment of people in our own project towards it, with surveys, but also measuring all other numbers. Especially the Dysmorphia part - our own NFTs which followed us on the journey (check here). Then, out of 123 projects which we approached for 2nd Phase of the study, we finally collaborated with 46 of them, to include their communities to the study. That way we got more data about the whole space with their help. It is amazing to get to know that many projects and founders and create strong connections. On top of that, what we like to do every day, is to be present with our own community. Hear them in discord, organise cool events, gift them crazy presents, talk, have fun and learn more about each other. Hopefully one day, get to meet them in person.

"So you think you can Alpha?" Pub Quiz is one of our flagship activities.

So, what's next? In last week you could've caught us on many Spaces giving little snippets of results from the study (Ape'n'chill, Calmdano, Great Ape Debate, Calmdano). That is one of the ways we want to bring more awareness to the study and get more eyes on us. Be sure to jump in on the next one where we will cover the topic of Rugs in space on Sunday 7th Aug 7PM UTC. We are continuing with spaces and will cover many different topics as a build up to the Study mint.

Some of the topics we covered in recent spaces. Good discussion revolved around all of them.

As the time will be coming closer, more hints about the final form of the study will be given out. We are preparing several surprises when it comes to that NFT. Pretty exciting times for us and we can't wait to show you what we've created. And wen Study mint? The mint date will be revealed soon. So will be the prices of the NFTs. To be noted, every holder of our Dysmorphia collection will be having at least 50% discounted price for the Study mint. To end, let me show you some of the funny/witty/interesting statements we read in data.

Cheers! T

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