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Phase 2 of Thesis & Dysmorphia study

The CNFT space is constantly evolving, with new projects emerging and established ones growing every day. To better understand this dynamic space, we have launched Phase 2 of our study, which includes a collaboration with other projects and individuals to gather data and insights about the CNFT ecosystem.


What is Phase 2?

Phase 2 of the study builds on the foundation established in Phase 1, which focused on the T&D project and its community (this Phase is still ongoing). In Phase 2, we are expanding the research to a wider range of questions that are of public interest. We are collaborating with other projects and individuals to collect descriptive and sentiment data from founders, moderators, managers, developers, artists, and hosts in the CNFT space, trying to get some conclusions about differences in those “groups”. We are also collecting project-specific data, such as numbers, project sentiments, community behaviors, holders, and wallets. In addition, we are gathering "general view of the space" data from all the members within.

How will we do that? To collect this data, we use surveys, polls, follow-up of engagement numbers, and wallet movements. By using multiple methods of data collection, we hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of the CNFT ecosystem. We believe this is an important step towards building a more educated and informed CNFT community. As we are speaking, we are in collaboration talks with many different CNFT project founders who are invited to participate in the study. All the way through May those talks will be finished and collaborations established. Below you can see a screenshot of the founder's dedicated private webpage where we explain in detail to them what their participation will look like.

What kind of questions are you asking? To give you few examples of what kind of information we will have when the study is finished, here are some questions which we would like to have answered:

- How many rug pulls did a person in CNFT space averagely experience? - Do people invest new fiat money in NFTs? - Why are people in this space? - What do people think is the reason for people to be in space? - What is the average moderator pay in CNFT space? - How important is the community aspect of building a project?

- Are there any differences between women’s and men’s experiences in space?

- How important is the aesthetics of NFT?

Such questions, and many more of them, will be answered in all the different surveys which will go through the whole space.

Why all of this? Through this study, members of the CNFT community will be able to learn more about what is important in building a project, why people invest, why people hold or sell, and what makes people trust in a project. Also, project leaders will be able to get better ideas about what kind of audience is their “target audience” and what does the audience expect from the project they invested in.


Ultimately, this study aims to help members of the community to make better-informed decisions. Our goals are:

- inform and bring knowledge to community, industry experts and enthusiasts

- inspire further research and innovation in the CNFT space

- foster greater understanding and appreciation of the transformative power of NFTs

- establish historical value which could potentially benefit early supporters and holders financially in the future There’s so much diversity and so much good in this space and we want to highlight that. Take care.

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