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II. Unofficial T&D report

A lot (a lot!) has happened since the last report. Deep dive in 3, 2, 1....


OG-EGs & WL-EGs are finally all here!

Since from the start we know that our project is looking for a little bit more engagement to become a WL or OG, it was expected to have a prolonged period of finding them.

Btw, you might ask:

"If I'm not OG or WL, am I too late to have any benefits during the mints?" "NO, you are not too late! There is always a chance to get a spot on our Mintlist for the upcoming mint!" Let's repeat the steps you had to do to become an OG or WL here: 1. Answer to first twitter DM 2. Answer to next twitter DMs which lead to consent form 3. Sign the consent form

3. Wait for the early discord to open (for some it was more than a month!)

4. Enter early discord (invite was sent via DMs again)

While it all may sound simple, it was actually a very long process, which was constantly prolonged by fact that many people missed to answer to any step of the way.

Final numbers of those who are in our early discord as our OG and WL groups are: 112 OG-EGs (total of 31 more were contacted but didn't get to this point)

108 WL-EGs (total of 30 more were contacted but didn't get to this point)

Still, as our OGs and WLs know - "the process of being in those groups is never finished". To retain their benefits - they are regularly asked to fill out the surveys, which are integral part of making the whole Study possible. As long as they fill out the set norm of those surveys, they are keeping their benefits. No new people will be added to those groups - as it is important to have the same people answering throughout the whole one year period.


So, Discord! Let us give out some of the stats and shenanigans happening over there. We're building the core of our community for the last two weeks, and we have 6 more days in front of us before public comes in. I'm gonna share two charts here, one showing the rate of people coming in through the first week, and the second one showing the average messages count.

With the messages count, note that on the 22nd and 23rd of October we have introduced: "Lab is closed on weekends". That means that for every weekend (almost every!) we will be closing the chats for 30ish hours. The rationale behind that is - give people assurance that they can relax, at least regarding this project, and not feel that they have to "follow what's up" constantly. We know everyone is in too many servers already and it is very hard to keep up. So, at least for 30 hours during weekend, we give you time off from here. We want to build solid, strong and balanced project, and let people know that discord is, while being really important, only a part of the whole story.

The highest engagement day was 13th of October (1.7k messages) when we were assigning the OG and WL roles - seems like everyone likes roles! Second highest was October 17th when we hosted Sound Lab Game - an interesting game of guessing "What sound did you hear?", followed by 19th October and our Music quiz, and 21st of October and "The end of Zero survey" party and decyphering task which was laid before members.

What we really like in our discord is our stickers, emojis, and role icons. And of course, our Brain Bot! You will meet the Bot for sure when you come around, soon!

All in all, discord is a platform where we can connect to people in the easiest way for now, and we like doing it.


Let us not forget Twitter. Twitter is a way to invite people outside of your project to come and join us. We are slowly but constantly gathering more and more people there, and couldn't be more grateful for that.

In the last month we made some valuable twitter collaborations:

@mashdapp gave us 1 beta-tester role to share, we're stoked to hear what they are starting to do. Be sure to check them out.

@chain_lobby held and AMA with us as guests, which was our first AMA appearence! We're thrilled to be one of the projects to try out their platform and cannot wait to do so. It could be a game changer.

Again, we used our twitter as a Poll platform, to examine the public opinions on some matters. We will surely continue to do so even more.

Here is the list of polls which were held, from September 26th till now.

There will come a time when participating in public polls on twitter will also be a way for you to enter valuable raffles.

Wanna remind you that every poll we make is collecting valuable sentiment and behavior data for the final product: "Study published as an NFT".


This week is a big one for us, we're having our first AMA when Thesis will be questioning Dysmorphia about NFTs of Dysmorphia collection! Dysmorphia collection are the first NFTs to come out of our lab. The AMA is happening on Friday 28th October at 7.30PM UTC on our twitter.

Our discord is opening for public on Sunday 30th of October, exact time to be announced yet. Thank you for being with us and LFG Lab!

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