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I'm confused as FAQ.

The time has come to (again) explain ourselves to several confused heads around here. When you have 1k new members coming over to your discord in several past weeks and when your project has many moving parts, I believe it's normal to have some confusion circling around.

You filled out the holders survey at some project who is participating in our study, you came to our discord to claim your WL spot for some mint that's gonna be happening, you still have no idea what that mint it is, you hear that there's also some other mint coming soon, you have no idea what that study we are talking about is, you have no idea what our NFTs you can find at are and how they connect to it... then there's Quizzes, Bingos, some NFTs are updating, some are being "saved", someone's talking about Silent phase.... The most confusing part - everything? It is a lot, I agree, though that just goes to show that a lot of things have been happening since our inception in September 2022. So, sit tight, here we go.

When did this project came to be? During September last year we gathered our experimental groups (OGs/WLs) on twitter. We announced to them that we're creating a scientific study, researching the project we are making and asked them to join us for a period of one year to answer to our surveys. Discord was opened for them at beginning of October and few weeks later the public was invited in too. So, you were researching your own project? Yes, and we still are. The thing that is happening now and how you probably came to know about us is the Phase 2 of our study, when we are including 50 other projects from the space to the research - so we gather more data about the whole space.

So, you are researching your own project and 50 other projects? Yes. We are following our own project through a period of one year, and all other projects we are following only through one survey (which you've probably filled out somewhere). Also, there will be another survey called General Public survey which will be circling around space soon and is gonna question your sentiment about the space in general. That's a lot of data? Indeed. Wait, before we go there, can you explain a bit more about "your project", I'm not really sure what your project is? Is The Study your project? Sure is, the Study is crucial part of our project and also the final product of our project. Usually when we say "our project", we think of "Dysmorphia" NFTs and the story built around them. Dysmorphia PFPs, representing people who became dysmorphic because of their wish to look more like NFT traits they are so used to see around space. Dysmorphia has it's mints, announcements, activities, undoxxed founders, possible silent phase.. and all the things that are happening around it - we're reasearching and analysing and it's gonna be the founding stone of our published paper. Alongside all data from the whole space. Why exactly are you undoxxed? Read all about it here, pls. Basically, to be able to analyse people's sentiment towards undoxxed founders, we had to stay undoxxed. As soon as the study is finished (no more surveys) we are gonna doxx ourselves. And what's Silent phase? Silent phase is a phase in our research, which will maybe happen - during which the founders would not be active on social media. The main idea behind it is to be able to question people's sentiment about it too (in a sense - it's kind of rug simulation) and include the results to the study as well. How will it be done if it will be done - who knows!

Intriguing. I think so too. And Dysmorphia - when was Dysmorphia minted? First mint was opened on 19th December and through it first 650 were minted. The second mint will open in late July and the whole supply of 1500 NFTs will be released in circulation. They have their specificities, rarities divided in houses and families, traits that make them special and give holders chances to win our merch. All in all, they have their story, make a project for themselves and all the while their main utility is to be an object to the study, to support the creation of the study and also to give you the biggest benefits when it comes to the Thesis study mint.

But what did I read in announcements about them being "saved" or "updated"? I don't get it all. So, the 650 which are already minted are gonna be updated to newer versions of themselves (as announced in our Lab Paper in March). Of course, the rest of the collection to 1500 is also getting updated with it, and you will see them when they come out soon. As the 650 ones already have their respective owners, we decided to give chance to holders to "save" 50 NFTs in a way they are looking right now, by sending them that exact NFT as new collection called "Thesis & Dysmorphia - Saved", while the original one will still be updated when the time comes. So, new Dysmorphia mint is coming soon? Why do I want to own one? Dysmorphia mint coming late July, yes. You want to own one because it's damn cool to own an NFT which made the creation of first scientific study about Cardano NFTs possible, they look amazing and they will give you biggest discount when it comes to the Thesis study mint. When is that mint? Starting on Sunday July 30th at 11AM UTC. See more info about mint in our discord. What about all the games in your discord? Oh, we have regular gaming activities, some of our own creation like Sound Lab, !bingo, Labyrinth, Pub Quizzes.. We like to keep people active and give them opportunities to win something and have fun, like every project does. So, when you see some games happening - join. And it's always explained in detail how and what you can win. And what about the Quizzes you're hosting at other discords now? Yes, the "So you think you can Alpha" is, we believe, our flagship activity. We hosted them in the past in other projects too and now when we have 50 new communities joining our study, we think it's logical to give them opportunity to have it hosted at their place. With all those quizzes around projects, we want to take the best players from each, and advance them to a bigger tournament which we'll also create, in August. Good, got it. Can we go back to Thesis - the study, just for a bit? For sure. What about it do you wanna know? That's the correct name - Thesis the study? Yes, Thesis will be the name of the study NFTs. How will those NFTs look like? Well, you'll be able to read stuff. And more :) You are including all the data in it - your project/other projects? For sure. Seems like you don't want to talk too much about it yet? Yup. Time will come when we'll talk about Thesis A LOT. I think it's just important to know the basic facts at the moment. Dysmorphia NFTs are one thing and Thesis NFTs are gonna be another thing - the final product of this whole Thesis & Dysmorphia story. Okay, but tell me just what about those WL spots I get when I fill out the survey? Correct, yes. Whenever you fill out the survey at some other project and come to our discord with the keyword (comes with !) you automatically get the role which will be transferred to WL role at time of Thesis mint. And when is that mint? September. And that's the last question of the day. Thank you.

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