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Did anyone say merch? Thesis & Dysmorphia is a project of many interests, of which our main is to deliver the first Scientific Study done on Cardano NFTs. After that, if you ask Thesis - it would be - creating merch. Jk, jk, but that's really one of Thesis's great passions. In last 2 weeks, the hunt for the first pieces of our so called "Historical merch" had started. The Historical merch will be represented by 1/1 items which will not be for sale at any later point in time and will be collector's items in full meaning of the word. There will always be several ways to get your hands on one of the items, and for all of the ways, the prerequisite will be to be a holder of the "Trait in question". Let's first get into details about first trait in question - and then continue a bit about the future plans for the Merch items.


FIRST MERCH - HOODIES In this first merch phase, for you to have opportunity to get your hands on one of the Hoodies - you have to be holding at least one of the Dysmo NFTs which have "Hoodie" trait (Clothes - Hoodie). Also, you can hold the "MixBreed" trait, which acts as a bonus. Let's dive deep.

In short, there are several different ways to win a Hoodie: 1. Biggest Holder of Hoodie Trait Snapshot will be taken on Thursday 2nd March at 9PM UTC. Whoever has the most Hoodie traits (+ Mix Breeds) will win a hoodie. E ach Mix Breed counts as a joker trait and counts as 1 Hoodie in your holdings. 2. Winner of Holders raffle Raffle will be held after the final snapshot amongst holders (time is stated above). Raffle entries: 1 Hoodie = 1 Entry 1 Mix Breed = 1 Entry Tho, bonus: If you hold Mix Breed and Hoodies, 1 Mix Breed multiplies your Hoodie entry, for up to 4 Hoodies. Example: a) Holding 9 Hoodies = 9 entries b) Holding 6 Hoodies + 1 Mix Breed = 4 Hoodies are multiplied x2 = 8 entries +2 Hoodies (which are not multiplied) = 10 entries +1 entry from Mix Breed itself = 11 entries 3. Winner of T&D Alpha Pub Quiz only for holders of Hoodie/Mix Breed trait Quiz to be held on 21st Feb 9PM UTC in our discord. 4. Winner of Labyrinth only for holders of Hoodie/Mix Breed trait game held in final week before snapshot. 5. Winners of Lab Life - Hoodie edition - game in our discord only for holders of Hoodie/Mix Breed trait, open from 12th Feb to 26th Feb a) One winner is the person who collects the most coins in that period b) Second winner is the one who collects the most Mint items


At the moment of writing this, 23rd Feb, we already have the winner of our first Hoodie, $damian, who got it by winning the T&D Alpha Pub Quiz! Congrats! Also, we're pretty close to finishing the Lab Life game (3 more days) and seeing who will be having the most coins and most Mint Proof items! With that said - chances which are left for you to try winning the Hoodie are: a) Winning the Labyrinth game (starting on Monday 27th) - more info coming on Sunday 26th b) Being the biggest Hoodie trait holder c) Luckily winning the raffle amongst holders Every winner of the Hoodie will be able to create some unique extra sign/writing/logo/name and have it put anywhere on the Hoodie (we help with the creation) to make it completely unique. Good luck to everyone!


As for the future plans, after the Hoodies - comes the next Merch-Trait of our interest. There have been some guesses of what the next Merch items will be, but it still is not announced. For the whole period up to September we have plans of what to bring to you and give you as presents for being our best supporters and helping this study come to life. Thank you for being with us.

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