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Dysmo about Dysmorphia


My name is Dysmorphia, but you can call me Dysmo.

I'm one of the founders of the Dysmorphia & Thesis, oh sorry, I meant Thesis & Dysmorphia, project on the Cardano blockchain. Obviously, my real name is hidden behind the Dysmorphia moniker. You may be wondering "Why am I undoxxed?" - Thesis explains it very well in the linked blog article.

So, we are a project conducting a real scientific study, and my characters, precisely 3000 PFP pictures — are helping us with that study.

The first and most well-known benefit of Dysmorphia collection, or should we say - the holy grail of NFT projects - utility, is exactly the mentioned scientific study, which will be published in the form of NFT once completed. The study is ongoing for one year and should be finished by September 2023. As we have stated many times, Dysmorphia is helping the Thesis part to be successful, by both financing the study and by being the subject of the study. While creating the characters for the Dysmorphia collection, we realized that we could add another interesting element to the study.

Stay with me, and further explanation will be provided.



Characters are divided into 4 houses that will be minted in 4 drops. House of Korpo is currently minting. Each house has 750 members, further divided into 5 families.

In total, when all 3000 NFTs are out - we will have 20 families with 150 members in each family. Amongst them - there are also special Mix Breed characters, which I’ll explain a bit more further down. Too many numbers? Want to fork your brain more? Here you go, a present from Thesis:

The traits in the Dysmorphia collection are classified in following categories, example of which you can see on picture below.

Some of the traits were randomly distributed, and some of them were carefully calculated. Families, of course, were carefully calculated, and each family has exactly 150 members.

Branches, which are body colors of characters, are the major rarity filter. There is 6 different colors in each family - and they are equally distributed for every family.

Level of Dysmorphia and Colorfected?

Some characters look more like humans, some less. For example, if you have a character from House of Korpo that belongs to the Erytro family, the more he looks like erythrocyte (red blood cell) the higher his Level of Dysmorphia is. The more he looks just like a regular human, with maybe some signs of blood or blood cells, his Level of Dysmorphia is lower.

When it comes to Colorfected, that's a word created from color+affected and has to do with branches. Meaning - a character that belongs to “green” branch can be “A bit colored”, "1/4 colored", "Half-colored", "3/4 colored" or "Full color". Pretty dope, huh?

NFT Famous category traits, such as headphones, chef, duck beak, laser eyes, hat, crown, horns, and bitcoin, are randomly distributed. The same thing is correct for clothes, face, body, eyes, Level of Dysmorphia, and Colorfected traits. Backgrounds were selected in a way that only every Mix Breed has a special background (different colors or patterns), while all others are regular (blackish, greyish). Pssst, that way you can recognize Mix Breed even easier! (Mix Breeds from House of Korpo below).

So, Mix Breeds. Well, as the word implies, those characters are mixed between two different families from different houses. In total, there will be 150 of them, always with special backgrounds. Interesting to note: there is always only one Mix Breed from certain family mixed only once with every other family from the collection. It was a struggle to make it possible, though, with the help of our team, we made it happen.


Another element to the study

I wanted to make all of them unique, similar to how people really are in the real world, but with traits and rarities that connect them. Some of them seem to be weird, some disturbing, some maybe boring, some cute, or even sexy. That was what I wanted to achieve. When I realized that some of the characters are, shall I say, more attractive than others, though this is highly subjective, I realized that instead of discarding them and replacing them, I would use them because they gave me the idea to test how they would behave once they were all free on the blockchain. By behave, I mean will they follow the predetermined path, which usually means rarities and traits in the NFT world? By establishing rarities, the founders determine their intrinsic value at the outset. Later, in markets, we see that most often the community follows those... But, what if the characters are different, like the characters in this collection? They are not a collection generated with same layers of art.

Would this have a greater impact on the market because of the X factor and the subjectivity of the holders, sellers, and buyers? Would a less rare character be more valuable on the secondary market just because the appearance is more pleasing? We'll find out once all of the houses have been minted and I track behavior on secondary. Can't wait.


Why AI? Don't get me wrong, I do love generated NFT collections created by skilled artists, but in my case, I believe that using AI was the best option for making my characters. I was aware that using AI was going to make the project harder to build, because AI is (as Thesis already wrote) a controversial topic, same as being undoxxed.

But as much as I love artists, I also love tools, old or new, because behind tools are brains - those who invented them and those who use them creatively. And, I love brains.

AI Midjourney is an excellent tool. Making something with a tool means using something in order to achieve your goal, and if your intentions are good and your idea is good, well, even if it is harder to succeed because some people will discredit the project because of that fact, I say fuck it. That for me just means that we will have to work harder in order to, hopefully, show another perspective and to find and reach out to people who will understand, like and see the value in what we're building. Our community is already strong and extremely supportive - and our goal is to make the base of those people bigger.

Did we intentionally choose AI and undoxxing because we wanted to make it harder? NO. We chose what we thought would work best and fit best in order to produce the best results.

Join this journey, our community, and support the study by minting now. P.S. video (rated 18+) explaining this rarity scheme has just been published here.

Thanks for your time.

Love, Dysmo

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