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When we're not filling up surveys,
we're having fun times with our community activities.

our flagship activities:


Alpha Pub Quiz

So you think you can

Alpha Pub Quiz is activity with which we started in our discord and spread it out through other projects discords (and twitters). It is a very fun and engaging way to spend time with your community, check your/their knowledge and give out some great prizes. 


Naked Spaces

Twitter space

"Naked Spaces" started with an idea of creating a space in which we could talk about topics which are maybe not usually talked about in the space."How to go further when you don't mint out instantly?", "How to overcome delays in delivery?", "Rebranding", "Building a niche thing in the space", "Disruptive tech" represent possible topics and questions we want to talk about.

fart flayer bw.png

Not You Ordinary Bro

Twitter space

"Not your ordinary Bro" is a twitter space created to provide a place for women in space to talk about what they do, how they feel and their experiences. Be it a woman who is a founder, community manager, developer, artist or just a regular degen, we're interested to hear her story. 


Science Days


Science Days is a combination of scientific events, with different health related activites. Those will be quizes, talks, articles, and as a main event - Twitter Space with notable guest, expert in a field of interest that day. 

gamification of our discord:


T&D originals


listen to previous ones (coming soon)

Landmark of how we like to interact with our community is through games of our own design. Starting with all kinds of "Guessing games" which culminated in bigger Pub Quiz, but also Lab Life, a discord economy game, and Labyrinth which leads to great prizes. Join our discord for experience.

historical merch:



Holders only merch

Hoodies were the first in line for holders to win, with many more to come in next months. Merch is available only to holders (by luck, by winning, by being the biggest holder etc.). All merch created for this purposes will not be available to buy at any later point. Check the current Merch status.

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