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by holding Dysmo NFT you are supporting
the Thesis study come to life. All Dysmo holders
will be heavily benefited during Thesis mint

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Dysmorphia is collection of characters created with AI, representing creatures of different levels of dysmorphic changes. It is an NFT project created as an important entrance point for us to start researching the space.



Dysmorphia (founder) got inspiration to create dysmorphic creatures from a phenomenon of so called "Snapchat Dysmorphia" which is more & more of a problem and mental health issue in today's world - where people would "filter themselves" using different snapchat filters and showed that image to plastic surgeons as an example what would they like to look like.

why create them?


NFTs were created as a supporting mechanism to the study we're producing. Also financially, but mostly as a "subject to our study". We had to have an NFT project ourselves to be able to research sentiment around it. 

Read more about their purpose and story in our Lab Paper dedicated section.

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dysmorphia NFTnomics

NFTs went through an update, which became visible at end of July 2023. more info

In total = 1500 NFTs.
Divided in 4 Houses.
375 NFTs per House.
125 NFTs per family.
Each family is divided in branches.

new setup after update:

mix breed

what is a Mix Breed?

Mix Breeds are the most special of our NFTs, as they are characters mixed between two different families from two different Houses. What comes with holding them are the highest benefits:
- 10x entries to holders giveaways
- free mint of the study (Thesis NFT) in September
- joker spots for holders raffles for merch items

what are my benefits as a holder?


check more details in our Lab Paper

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