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House of Korpo mint is live.
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There are 2 parts of equal value to this story.
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Doctor of study
Doctor of NFTs
Thesis is a scientist with a wish to 
satisfy their thirst of knowing more
about sociology and human behavior in CNFT space.

They came up with idea of how to
make an experiment and produce a
scientific study out of it. Luckily, they had a friend with similar idea, which then finally blended together.

With help from funny Doctor Dysmorphia, 
they decided to launch a project which will
combine both the study and a thing everyone here loves so much - CNFT project.

Learn more about study here.
Dysmorphia is a character who interests themselves in social phenomena. One of phenomena which served as an inspiration for this NFT collection comes from a term "Snapchat dysmorphia".

What everyone in CNFT space knows is that any kind of creature can become someone's profile picture, instead of a real person's face. In fact, it is even desirable. 

With help from serious Doctor Thesis, they found a way of delivering the thing they like - Dysmorphia shown as NFT collection. It made possible that Thesis study comes to life.

Learn more about the NFT project here.
It can be said that Thesis is studying Dysmorphia,
and Dysmorphia is financing Thesis. 
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Thesis & Dysmorphia are staying undoxxed for the whole period of 1 year.
Though, some things have been revealed along the way.
They are both women :D
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