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House of Korpo mint is live.
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House of Korpo mint is live.
Trait examples below.


  • The project, and therefore the study, will last for one year, with approximate end in August/September of 2023, meaning that as of now there are no planned activities for after that period

  • In the timeline of the project itself there will be a so called “Silent phase” in which there will be no social activity from the founders

  • Because of the nature of the study, the founders will stay undoxxed throughout the study/project

  • This information will be publicly available on official channels (website, twitter, discord)

NFTs general FAQ

How many NFTs will there be?

Dysmorphia collection will consist of 3000 NFTs, divided in 4 drops of 750.
Other collections and study NFT amounts are not yet disclosed.


So you plan to have other collections besides Dysmorphia collection?


What are those other collections?

Not disclosed yet.

Is you art made with AI generated art?

Yes, Dysmorphia collection is made with AI generated art, we're proudly using Midjourney's AI.

Wen mint?

Dysmorphia collection first mint (Korpo) comes on 19th December 2022.

What will the mint price be?

55 ADA WL / 65 ADA PUBLIC - Dysmorphia collection


It's not too long = read it.

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